Specialized Minecraft DDoS Protection and NullPing Protection

Specialized Minecraft DDoS Protection & NullPing Protection

Specialized Minecraft DDoS protection with real-time filtering & protection against packet crashers (e.g. NullPing) attacks.


Unfortunately, large Minecraft projects are often the target of large cyber attacks, from DDoS attacks with complex attack structures to special packet crash exploit attacks, e.g. the NullPing exploit attack. The aim of such attacks is to shut down the entire BungeeCord network.

Minecraft & Minecraft-BE currently has by far the most game servers in the gaming sector. With this large number of game servers, attackers in particular aim to cause as much damage as possible. In the meantime, there are not only DDoS attacks specially adapted against Minecraft servers, but also effective exploit crash methods, such as. Nullping attacks, QuietException attacks, various (fake) handshake floods, and much more. Our Arbor DDoS permanent protection is also able to detect such specialized attacks and filter them in real time.

The best solution to put an end to such attacks is permanent DDoS protection with real-time filtering, which is specialized for Minecraft, in order to be able to filter all incoming attacks immediately in real time, so that neither a crash nor a short downtime can occur. Our specialized Minecraft DDoS permanent protection is therefore the perfect solution for all DDoS attacks on your project.


What is a NullPing attack at all?

A nullping attack is a type of attack that is specifically designed to target Minecraft servers. In Minecraft, the "ping" is a measure of how quickly the server responds to a player's actions, and a nullping attack is an attempt to make the server's ping appear to be zero, or very close to zero.

To carry out a nullping attack, the attacker uses a variety of techniques to flood the Minecraft server with fake traffic, which makes it appear that the server is responding to the player's actions almost instantaneously. This can make it difficult or impossible for legitimate players to play the game, as their actions will not be recognized by the server, and they will be unable to interact with the game world.

Nullping attacks can be difficult to defend against, as they involve a large amount of fake traffic that can be difficult to differentiate from legitimate traffic. To protect against nullping attacks, Minecraft servers can use DDoS protection services, which can filter and redirect traffic, and block fake traffic from reaching the server. In addition, server administrators can implement measures like rate limiting and authentication to prevent attackers from using nullping attacks to disrupt the server's operations.

With our specialized Minecraft protection no single kind of nullping attack is possible to go through. If you want a good solution against packet crasher / nullping attacks than our DDoS protection from KernelHost is the right solution.


Our professional dedicated server series is ideal for very large Minecraft projects, and we also offer noticeable tariff reductions for partnerships with large projects to help you with the monthly costs. If you have any further questions or are interested in a professional dedicated server with specialized DDoS permanent protection, you can contact us at any time via ticket!


Some practice cases:


Target software: Teamspeak3 - Voiceserver
Target port: 9987 (UDP)

Description: Complex DDoS attack with various complex attack structures and an attack capacity of over 473.4 Gbps, as well as over 41.5 million pps (packets per second), successfully and immediately filtered in real time without downtime.



Target software: ARK - Gameserver
Target port: 7777 (UDP)

Description: DDoS attack with only a normal UDP flood as attack structure (no complex attack structures), but with an attack capacity of over 112.2 Gbps (due to the simple attack structure, however, "only" over 8.7 million packets per second) successful and immediately filtered in real time without downtime.


Target software: Everything ("All-Port-Attack")
Target ports: 0-65535 (TCP/UDP)

Description: Complex DDoS attack with over 12 different main attack patterns with the aim of attacking all applications and open ports (regardless of whether they are open or closed). With a total of over 21.3 Gbps and over 3.9 million packets per second targeted to all ports. Also filtered successfully and immediately in real time without downtime.


Target software: Minecraft & OpenVPN
Target ports: 25565 (TCP) & 1194 (UDP)

Description: Complex DDoS attack with over 16 different main attack patterns, as well as over 4 million packets per second (over 8.6 Gbps attack), filtered successfully and immediately in real time without downtime.



Do you have a vServer / root server and would like to have more performance? Then a look at our range of root servers couldn't hurt!

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More details:





Didn't the instructions help you? You can contact us here via ticket! We're here to help.


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